Village Voice, Winter 1, 2022

Vol. IV Issue III
Editor: August Sharp
Assistant Editor: Annika Elliott

Table of Contents
Recharge Your Education by Lena Finn-Hall
Meet the Learner: Luke Pippin by Sabrina Martinhorst
Challenge Accepted by Oliver Meskell
Ask the Otter by Otter
Fun & Games by Village Voice Staff

Recharge Your Education

By Lena Finn-Hall

With the return to online learning and grey winter days, it’s easy to get off track with your education. It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some engaging resources to recharge your education and break the winter doldrums.

Cricket Media
Ages: 1-14
This company publishes excellent magazines on science, history, culture, and literature. These are for toddlers all the way up to early teens. With magazines, the themes of each issue are always different which keeps things fresh while homeschooling. The magazines are $5 per issue and they publish nine times per year.

Online College Courses (edX, Cousera, MIT Open Courseware)
Ages: 13+
With college courses online, learning on a higher level is now more accessible for teens than ever. Some of the most popular websites are Cousera and edX, which feature courses from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Berklee. Auditing the courses is usually free, but degrees and transfer credit, along with additional resources, are available for a fee. These platforms offer a wide range of courses on subjects that are hard to find in person. 

Ages: 3-7
Starfall is a website for learning the basics of math and reading through games. It’s designed for little kids, so it’s ad-free and simple to navigate. The basic version is free and doesn’t require an account, while a full membership is $35 per year.

Khan Academy: Smarthistory
Ages: 13+
Khan Academy’s most popular subject is math, but an equally great, less-known feature is their course on art history. Made by the organization Smarthistory, the course is a fascinating look at art throughout history, and the cultures that made them. Like the rest of Khan Academy, It’s entirely free.

Do you have a resource you’d like to share with other learners? What are you doing to keep your education exciting? Share your tip and you just might be featured on the Village Voice Instagram!

Meet the Learner: Luke Pippin

By Sabrina Martinhorst

Luke Pippin is a true renaissance learner, enjoying engineering, music, and the outdoors; particularly skiing, camping, and hiking with his Boy Scout troop. Luke, (he/him) age 13, is in his tenth year at Village Home.

Luke listens to and plays a variety of music. He can play the guitar and piano, and he tries his hand at composing music. He appreciates a wide range of different genres, but he especially enjoys alt music, specifically Fall Out Boy.

Luke takes several music classes at Village Home including, Digital Music Production, Guitars and Ukuleles, and Jukebox music review. Luke also quite enjoys the Alchemy and Potions class, since he finds it exciting and fun to see how chemicals and substances can interact, and combine to make other things. 

Another avid interest for Luke is engineering. He likes building things and figuring out how to make them work. He and some of his friends built an underwater remote control robot together. It has a camera and can move. It can’t go far though, because it’s wired to the remote. 

Annika Abel, who has been Luke’s instructor in a number of Village Home classes over the years, said “Luke always has a comment to share in class. He has a good sense of humor and knows how to balance bringing some fun to class in his comments with keeping discussions on topic.” 

Challenge Accepted

By Oliver Meskell

Challenge Accepted is a class that takes inspiration from a part of Destination Imagination (DI), which is a program that encourages imagination and creativity, as well as the ability to function with limited materials. The part of DI it builds on is the instant challenge, in which participants have to build the requested structure using limited materials. An example from the course description reads: If you were facing a challenge to build the tallest structure you could and all you had to work with were 3 straws, 2 pipe cleaners, a paper cup, 6 mailing labels, and some paper, how would you do it?

 Instructor Bobbi Burton challenges students to do this and more with her class, pushing students to new heights using only pipe cleaners and other like objects. The class has a friendly, competitive feel to it as students strive to make the tallest tower or the longest bridge, while still congratulating each other on the structures that they build. The class takes place at 12:00pm on Thursdays and is open to learners 9-11 years old.

Bobbi has been teaching at VH for a number of years and is currently teaching multiple other classes, including Discoverers on Thursdays from 9:30 to 11:45 and Lego Robotics on Thursdays at 2:30.

Under Bobbi’s guidance, Challenge Accepted provides a fun environment where students learn about engineering, teamwork, and creativity, as well as some of the fun, challenging aspects of the DI instant challenge.

Ask the Otter

By Otter

Dear Otter,
What is the meaning of life?

Dear Questioning,
Otters don’t worry much about meaning, we’re busy looking for clams, playing in the water, exploring, and sleeping. Did you know otters sleep holding hands? But, I do believe life has a meaning and I think that sleeping is the key. Not the sleep part, the holding hands part. It’s connection. It’s connecting to others, helping, sharing. It’s love.

Dear Otter,
I’ve been starting to learn Archery, do you know how? If so, do you have any tips?
-Aspiring Archer 

Dear Archer,
Otters generally hurl our entire bodies at things, rather than just an arrow. It’s a bit more effective given our small arms (try pulling that arrow back when your arm is just a few inches long). However, my best advice for archery, or any new activity, is to practice, practice, and keep practicing. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t great at the beginning; learning takes time. Give yourself that time.

Fun & Games

by Village Voice staff

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